Best Lawyer

Best lawyer and he is not in the business to squeeze money out of you.He is the best at what he does and my family has had him for 6 years

Well-Respected Lawyer

Mr. Cronon is a well respected Lawyer, really knowledgeable and compassionate. I appreciate his work.

Very professional

Excellent representation for our case. Very professional and knows exactly the court procedure and is respected by the court. Couldn’t have found a better attorney. Thanks.

Best defense in Clarke County and surrounding!

Mr. Cronon was able to get two serious charges dropped completely. Now this wasn’t without fight. He was there all the way, explaining everything in detail. He has also represented a close friend of mine whom originally referred Mr. Cronon to me. Couldn’t be more grateful.

Made the process easy

I decided to bite the bullet and file bankruptcy. My credit would just not recover after a few years of trying to pay down balances and get out from under my debt. I was embarrassed but Mr. Cronan treated me professionally and was always quick to help with my questions. Of course, he handled everything quickly and responsibly. I had to follow up with him after my debt was dismissed with a couple of open ended items since my debt collectors didn’t show at the hearing and he still treated me well. He was just as quick with responses and advice. I can’t thank him enough.

James B. Cronon, Attorney (5 STARS)

I was blessed to work with Attorney Cronon on my divorce. He was straight-forward and direct while remaining empathetic. He listened to all my concerns and offered solutions for my situation, even as it changed throughout. He is a solution-focused attorney. Even when I was angry, sad, or both, he would remind me what our eventual goal was, and how what we were doing was going to achieve it. Some attorneys try to go for the throat immediately, but Mr. Cronon seems to understand that fighting isn’t necessary – except when it is. I would recommend him to anyone looking to help them move ahead in life, whether it be for a divorce, a will, or for criminal cases. He is trustworthy and I’m glad to have his number saved in my phone.

Genius attorney

Best attorney I’ve ever hired and by far the most intelligent. Always come out on top!

Top Attorney for Speeding Violations in Georgia

#1 Best Value for all drivers CAUGHT speeding in Georgia. James handles your case professionally from start to finish and keeps you informed thru the process. Great service for ONLY $200 (Yes I was shocked too). He is humble and there to HELP you, not to GOUGE you.
Many others charge $400/$500 and speak to you with arrogance
as if doing you a favor! Best Wishes to you James !

Criminal Defense advice session

I was concerned about my daughter’s first and only traffic ticket which resulted from an accident. She is under 21 and given a ticket for following to close, I was unsure what to do. He advised me on the steps to take at the hearing. I feel more confident knowing my options.

Highly recommended

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mr. Cronon on multiple occasions over the last year. Understandably, it can be difficult and somewhat uncomfortable to reach out to anyone for help especially dealing with a personal matter. Mr. Cronon’s professionalism made each interaction comfortable to discuss the facts of the case and realistic next steps and possible outcomes. His expansive knowledge of the law eased all concerns that something was being forgotten or left out as he had coverage from any angle we discussed. I truly appreciate his proficiency and assistance throughout the past year and would highly recommend his services.

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